The Computer School Blog and Wiki Guidelines

- If anyone makes a spelling mistake, fix it!!!! Kristin 6/7 Z

-Don't write anything mean, you could hurt someones feelings. Alexa 6/7 Z

-That one person who posts nasty comments should be blocked, not everyone. Taylor N. 6/7z

-If a large group starts posting lots of nasty comments the school should only block it for a certain amount of time. - Carlota B. 6/7 z

-One rule is to not delete what other people's writing.-Michael A 6/7 z

-If a student is either late or absent constantly they should not have the ability to go on school site
s. - chloe dean 67/z

I don't agree. That is like saying that if you are late you can't go to a certain class.
The whole point of the wiki is so that anyone can contribute.- Sam H. 6/7A
Well going on the computer is a privilege, if your late and absent your acting like you dont care. why should the teachers let you if you dont care? - Chloe Dean 6/7 z
I Disagree Chloe. Being on wiki isn't a privilege. - Emma 6/7X
^^ I agree with Emma -Izzie 6/7 A

-Don't post any rude comments targeting a group or an individual! Izzie 6/7A

-Update regularly! Izzie 6/7A

-Don't insult anyone's post Daniel J 6/6z

- Make people feel confident. Sam H. 6/7A

- Do not make negative comments or posts. Celia F. 6/7A

- Give people help when they need it! Veronica R. 6/7 Z

-Don't say anything bad about anybody whether or not you're on the blog. Nick P. 6/7Y

- Make sure you are not writing anything that might insult someone either because of religion, race...... Livia S. 6/7D

- Do not show any images that may offend others. Emma H. 6/7A

- Respect others. Andrew S. 6/7A

- Always give help where it's needed, but never make it so the person feels stupid. Luke 6/7A

- Only post things that have to do with the wiki. Usman 6/7a

- Make simple passwords or usernames so you can remember them. Ariel 6/7Z

-Don't post personal information (your address, number, etc.) because it is the internet and anyone can see it. Gjystina 6/7 C

- Do not put crude pictures and horrible language! By Gunnerp_cs

Posting Guidelines

-Do not curse or use inappropriate language.-bennetv_cs

- Do not change anybody's post unless it needs to be changed. Brandon 6/7C

Ms. R can we just post messages on the Wiki at any time?---Ben M. 6/7 W
-good question Ben. You should keep your comments or posts or messages to the topic. In the case of the computer class wiki, that means it should be relevant to computers or what we are learning about in class. MsR

-Be sure that whatever your posting is not spam like "HI!" and is in the appropriate section of the wiki-Gjystina, Connor, Tiffany, Tyreek 6/7 C