What We Do In Our Digital Media Class

March 2011


September 2010

Digital Citizenship

Our classes created a "Using This Wiki" section for the Computer class wiki.

January-February 2010
Stop-Motion Animation Projects
The stop-motion project was a very fun project to do. We first made our sets and started to work on the computer. It was a very long time from starting and ending the stop-motion project., even though we got little footage it did take a long time. Then we went into imovie which is when can and music and titles and words. Sean 6/7E:> You can also make awesome background music on garageband, then play it during your stop-motion(Nathan 6/7D).
Stop motion was a whole different experience in filming. I never even knew what stop motion until this class (Mia Masucci 6/7D).fun Fun FUN! hah, and I thought it would be easy..... (Jordan :D 6/7D)

we got to make a stop-motion movie. we got to think of the idea and then make it real. it was lots of fun to watch how our movie came out in the end!!:) (kiraB. 6/7D) This was very interesting. Stop Motion changed my view of life. (Rondell Williams 6/7D) Stop Motion was awesome, I loved at the end to see how the movie came out!!!! Stop motion can be used in many different ways in life by how I can make a movie. It was so exciting to see how all our hard work paid off!!!!!(Shannon 6/7B)

Always make sure to have all materials in before you begin to build your set!!!!! Talia Coyne 6/7C you should always be focus on the work that you are doing and have everything ready so that when you have it , it should be easier to do and it would not be that hard and you should just be worried about the work and nothing else. (Asia 6/7E )
The stop motion project was really fun but also really hard work.You have to get material, do the stop motion, do sound and voices. But it was still really fun. (Zeco 6/7D)

-KeyNote ad
-Try to use music you made from garage band
-Add all the requirements shown on the blog

May 2009
Well the Dream House project is almost over, I can still say that this was one of the most fun projects we had ever done in computer class. It was tough at first, we had our rough times, and we had our good times, but this is what we must do. At first it was kind of tough to do, but then we managed to make this project a little more fun and a lot easier. I really like this project a lot. (Ramon A.-G. 6/7 W)
Well the dreamhouse project is almost over. I noticed a lot of good houses people made but nicholas G's was the best even though it had to be in a corner to fit. It had every requirment that he needed. So overall I give a 9.9 out of 10 for the house almost perfect, but a bit to big. (Cooper P. 6/7 X)

One thing that i learned by doing the dream house is how to make a star/sun. it is setc 109,repeat 360 [rt 150 fd 150] end. it looks very cool and it is a very nice star/sun.(Khadeedja M. 6/7 B)

April 2009

Starting the Dreamhouse project.
Dream House Project Tip: Always imagine before doing it like for example if your doing a procedure for example again lol : **
  1. Square: pdrt 90 fd 80 lt 90 fd 90 lt 90 fd 80 lt 90 fd 90 * *
  2. Triangle: pd rt 60 fd 75 seth 120 fd 75 seth 270 fd 130 it will make a isosceles triangle :) * * (Luis R. 6/7D)
  3. sun:repeat 400 [ fd 2 rt 10] (Cooper Potts 6/7 X)
  4. tree: rt 90 setc 64 fd 30 rt 90 fd 100 rt 90 fd 30 rt 90 fd 100 seth 0 fd 100 lt 90 fd 30 rt 90 repeat 21 [ fd 10 rt 30] (Cooper Potts 6/7 X)
  5. fence: setc 5 shetpos [-63 -152] seth 0 pd repeat 8 [fd 100 lt 45 fd 20 lt 90 fd 20 lt 45 fd 100 rt 180] rt 90 fd 225 (Nicholas George 6/7 B)

March 2009
We are starting to use WikiSpaces and finishing Microworlds (Sara F. 6/7E)
Different classes of the great experience in microworlds and now the sections are doing something different. We are learning the pen down and so much more with the command center. This was a project that we just covered and learned new thing in Micros that we didn't know or we did but we in elementery. Meghan 6/7X
I love MicroWorlds EX, it so much fun and we can do many different things. we can draw many things like shapes and others things. I love microworlds. ( Gypcee R. 6/7E )

February 2009

Starting Microworlds!!!!!!

working with Microworlds got me thinking about how people make video- games. (musa m. 6/7D:)January 2008
This year the 6/7 classes are working in scratch creating animations. (Alex K. 6/7Z)

February 2008
Here are some of the first Scratch animations that our classes completed.
This year the 6/7 classes have been learning how animation works on scratch. (Ramon A-G. 6/7Z)

March 2008
We have covered basic programming concepts and are creating some Scratch games that use conditional statements, broadcast and messages, and creating and using variables. Here are some of the racing games we have completed.

April 2008
To change your background in a game to represent a different level try broadcasting a message to the stage from a sprite. So if i wanted to change my background when i reached the score 10 i would broadcast a message to the stage. When the stage receives the "Message" it would change to a certain background for a certain amount of points. (Imani E. 6/7W