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Examples of Character Development:
A Town Called Panic character descriptions (scroll down to characters list)

“The Letter,” is a good example of:
  1. A well-planned lego brickfilm
  2. Creative use of background music
  3. Good use of closely-cropped shots to add visual interest and show detail
  4. Example of dramatic structure in a stopmotion film
  5. Good use of supplementary sound effects

Documenting Our Set Building and Animation Shooting: Spring 2010

I have posted some of the photos taken of the classes building their sets, please go to the class Flickr page and add titles, descriptions, tags or comments to photos of your groups work. Describe what is going on in the photo, how it relates to your groups topic/story, and how you are going to make it work in your actual stop-motion animation sequence. (-Ms R.)

Tips for Building Your Sets and Preparing to Shoot Your Animation

(students: write your tips here so other groups can gain from your experiences, remember to sign all posts!)

Tip: make sure you have a plot and that you planned your story because without a plot or plan then your story will be pointless, and you won't know what your doing make it interesting. - Dalissa G 6/7D
Tip: Make sure you listen to the teacher and be organized so you won't be confused when you do stop motion.- Lisi Hilario 6/7E
Tip: make sure you have a story that makes sense so you know what you are doing and dont mess-up- Darian G 6/7X
Tip: Technology makes it possible to control things execpt technology so dont be afraid to try your own designs. Silas Burgess IV 6/7Y
Tip 104: You should make sure you're prepared so you won't have to start all over again.- Tamia Dillard 6/7C
Tip: well when you start out this project you want to make sure that you have an outline of what you want. Like the characters, background and evrything else you are including :) Nicoleg 6/7 Z
Tip: Make sure to plan out what the characters will say before you start so you know about how many pictures needed to fill what you want to say!!! :D :) -Rachel Still 6/7z
Tip 107 : You must do your planning documents before you know what our doing. Also you should not until your absolutely sure that your done.- Samuel Wolf 6/7Z
ok. so first before you start iStop-motion, you must MUST have a good story line. and agree on the storyline. and DON'T MOVE THE CAMERA! JUST THE SET!-olive wexler 6/7
Tip: Know what you're going to do and plan out how you are going to make the 3 dimensional things before you start - Elizabeth 6/7x
U should edit it in imovie. Don't worry about things in the way. Its also good to stabilize the computer. Not much to say. Tyreek Murillo 6/7A
Hey this is Olivia Fair from 6/7A and a good tip for iStopMotion is to make sure that you really know what you are doing so that later on you dont have any complications.Also make sure that yo have a really clear picture in your mind of what you are going to do so that i will be alot easier to do things and you know what to do. Lastly it is really good to use materials that are able to move around and do the things that you want it to do and is able to move around easy. :) (Olivia Fair 6/7A) I hope these tips were useful!
Tip: Write out your script BEFORE you do voiceover so you know what to say and you don't mess up your story. Libby Walker 6/7/E
Tip: Make your storyboard first, so you know where you're going with everything else. -Isabel M. 6/7 A
Tip 112: I would suggest that cameramen and women should model out what they are animationg with a person. Time this, and then animate the same action in the movie. -James Ryan 6/7A
Tip:To make a good movie make your outline/story board clear and don't make it to long if you have a limited amount of time or else you wont be able to finish it on time. Make sure you fallow your outline/story board so that your movie will look nicely planed and neat. Julia Candea 6/7E
Tip when you do this project 1.plan it before doing it 2. use ideas you know your team will enjoy 3. slow it down so you can see it clearly -Lucas Schlenk 6/7 X
One tip is to make sure your project was well planned. Once you have your documents planned out you're good for the whole project. My group didn't do that great in planning but as we went on we planned and our project was successful at the end. If we would of planned it would have taken us less time. Another tip was to make sure your set was perfect when you start. It will make your project good. (Cristian 6/7B)
Hey guys its Nadav a good tip for iStopMotion is that you should choose a theme that you can really build on because its really hard to make an even one minute clip and express your feelings at the same time.-Nadav 6/7Z
Tip: Make sure that you plan when your making a stop-motion animation, you also should always know what part you're making and what part comes next. If you don't you might mess up and have to delete a lot - Livia S. 6/7D
Tip: The most important thing is to spend a lot of time in the planning stage. Start with a simple idea, and then develop it into a more detailed project. Make a sketch or a model of your set before you start building it. When preparing your set, make little marks everywhere so that you remember where everything goes. It helps a ton! - Max S. 6/7C
Tip:when you are using stop-animation plan out first what you want your movie to look like -Tiara Dillard 6/7D
Tip: when you start this project make sure you have an idea of how long it is , or else you are going to either add a lot more or start ALL over.-Francesca O.6/7V
Tip: when you start this project make sure you have it all planned out and that you have all of your planning documents finished so you have a good idea about what you are going to do- Joshua S 6/7 z
Tip: Make sure you have a good idea and script so you wont be confused about anything. ~ Maya 6/7W
Tip:Make sure that you know what you are going to do next, otherwise you will be spending time thinking about it in class.-Britt v. 6/7 Y
TIP FROM CLAIRE: MAKE SURE YOU DONT LOSE YOUR STUFF! i lost it....... mhm.... not so fun :( - from me... Claire in 6/7 ZIZZ (ps. im a a 7th grader)
Tip: Make sure you create and plan out your sets before you start filming, just in case you dont have time to make some of your sets later on when you are filming. Troy Daniello 6/7A

Set Design and Creating (materials)
Tip: when you are done making your set for your animation and you start filming your animation, dont ever move anything on your set except for your characters because if you move a important piece of your set while filming, the mistake will show no matter what because your set wont look the same when you look at your film over again. -zohaib khan 6/7.W
Tip: Make sure your whole group/majority agrees and use a variety of materials ie: Legos and cardboard. -Cooper Potts 6/7X
Tip 106: Never take apart your set before your done. Michael 6/7 z
Tip: make a set that is easy to set up so you can get strait to taking pictures. Shelby Harris 6/7E
Tip 117: A good tip is that you should use materials that can stay up. -Megan Lam 6/7W
Tip 103: Don't make your set perfect. You could end up thinking the film is finished and destroy the set, but really it's not and you have to start over. Also do not rush through it. You will get a bad grade and fail on Teacherease. -Hayley Gruenspan 6/7C
Tip:i recommend using lego buildings because there fun and look good- Dylan Geiringer 6/7c
Tip 118: A tip is that make sure you have materials that have a flat bottom so it can stand. Another tip is that make sure you got a few clips so that you can choose the best clip/ picture you've got.
-KK 6/7 E
Tip: Don't spend so much time building your set, because it isn't that noticeable. Also, when you finally finish perfecting your set, you won't have that much time to shoot your project.
-Jonathan L. 6/7 D
TIP:when you are making the set I would not recommend using play-do because it will dry up over night and you will need to re do it-Nicholas Rockwood 6/7w
Tip: Try not to make your set too big or it will break-Brandon Morales 6_7A

Tip: When working with Barbies, make sure you have a good way to hold them up without seeing your fingers in the picture. Clay is a good idea or you could lean the barbie against the wall. -Charlotte L. 6/7B
Tip 108: I would recommend using clay for the characters and items in your stop motion because its easier to move all the parts it the things.
Tip: When using lego characters i ave it is best to stop them more often because it fills out yes i know it takes more time but it makes it look smother as you play it. -CassidY.M 67/w
Tip: Make sure that your get about a lot of characters, and make them funny looking, pretty and OUTSTANDING!!, i would recommend just bring in your toys and decorate them with clay that way you wont have to make a full toy. all you can do is just cover it with clay :) - Luis Rivera 6/7A
Tip:when your making your Character make sure you have all off your materials because if you dont have them you wont be able to
make it the way you wanted it to be. sashianna genao 6/7 D

Using iStopMotion
Tip:when starting your movie make sure you don't make any mistakes in moving whatever you have because it looks really bad later on in Imovie. -Ron Turetzky 6/7/B
Tip: When your doing the stop motion always use long bottom pieces because ours always got messed up then we had to do it again
Tip: Make sure to have lots of raw footage so you can have more to work with. remember you don't have to use all your footage you can cut and paste.-Jahwan Herbert 7/8X
When your packing up your stuff, remember exactly where your backdrop was (how high, etc.) so the next time, it doesn't look any different. -Charlotte 6/7B
Here is another good tip to use when you are using iStopMotion, you should always start with the idea of your stop motion project, when you finish that and all the other important things, when you are filming you should always try your best to, before you take a snapshot ALWAYS make sure that everything is out of the frame. (Leila 6/7D)
Tip: A good tip is that you should make scenes long so you have a while to say stuff in them. -Carlota Biggs 6/7W
Tip: One good tip for people making a stop-motion movie is to spend time focusing on shooting your movie and having a lot of patience. -Benjamin 6/7 V
Tip: now here is what u should do u should get a green screen so u can have a moving background its cool ad if u don think so u can go and see crazy train on ..... -Aaron 6/7 V
Tip: A good way to keep your istop-motion good is to, follow the sheets we filled out in the beginning so that it will be easier to smoothly do the project. - Deena Finegold 6/7W
tip: go slow on stop motion. sean 6/7e
Tip:A good way to not mess up your movie is to quickly move your hand from the shot.-Kelvin Verdugo 6/7E
Tip: make your when you take a picture don't move the camera...
Tip 116: When making the movie just press space bar really fast and just move whatever material at a normal pace. when you play it make it will look smooth and not look to slow or to fast.
Samantha Woodard 6/7 W
Tip: when you are making your set, try to do as fast as you can. because you will need a lot of time doing the stop-motion. and try to make the stop-motion longer than 1 minute. when you are editing your movie, another tip is to make many sound affect and interesting things. it can make your movie a better movie, one last thing is to save your movie or everything will have to go to the starting line! -Jenny 6/7 Z
Tip: When you are putting your set together you have to make sure you keep everything in one place. Because of the way we put or stuff someone went into our folder and ripped up all of our sets. Also when your recording you have to keep far away from your set. the camera picks up EVERY shadow in the background. When doing imovie you have to make sure your in a quiet place so no other noises are in the movie. Add as many effects as you can. and enjoy! Chloe Dean 6/7 Z
Tip: When you are taking photos, make sure when you move the items, move them a really small distance at a time and slowly so the dialogue isn't too slow for the movie. also set up a place to take pictures every class so you can put the computer in the same place every time and make it smoothly go from picture to picture. -Charlotte L. 6/7B
Tip: when your filming on iStop motion, make sure you don't bump your computer AT ALL or have your elbow or arm in it because you could end up filming a lot of footage and have to redo it all. before you start filming, have some kind of idea what you want to do as a story line. don't make up the plot as you go along because you and your teammates could start fighting. when you are making your set, don't hesitate to use whatever materials you want because you want your set to look real and nice. -Jaime 6/7A
TIP: When filming the set have each person in your group be assigned to one thing so you can move even faster. And another helpful tip for the set is to have a backdrop and then everything else with tape around so you can easily move it around for the shoot-Hannah Krutiansky 6/7 W
Tip: If you want a longer movie you have to stay focused with the movie.-NaadirahM(6/7A)
Tip:you should have the right objects to make it.-emilym(6/7A)
tip: from me: juliet: it takes a while to make your istop motion even a minute so dont get annoyed, kaay? I'm Juliet and I approve this message. bye.-juliet 6/7
Tip: Make sure your frames are long enough so everybody that needs to talk can talk. Also, go over what scene you're going to film in your head before you film it. -Jessie Floyd 6/7 Z

Using iMovie
tip: in imovie if you want ready made music go to jingles!:) ☠☠☠☠☂☂☂✍✍✍✍✄✄✄✄✄
Tip 102: If your stop-motion goes really slowly you can speed it up in imovie. Also you can add music in parts that have no dialogue to make it even better -Rosie 6/7E
Tip: if you want to do dialogue use a mic - joshua g 6/7v
Tip: It made it easy to put music in instead of much dialogue cause then its not like there is no sound and it makes the movie boring. -Charlie 6/7 B
Tips 101: You all are probably working in imovie and are getting close to add dialogue. When you do add dialogue be sure to do it in a quite area. You don't want any background noise to ruin your movie. -Reed
tip: when your doing any kind of sound effects to your movie make sure to take enough shots for that certain sound- Miguel Ruiz
Using imovie for sounds really added a lot to our stopmotion- Shadanny A.L :) 6/7C
Transitions: A transition will "borrow" frames from the clip before and the clip after. So a transition can be no longer than half the length of the clip before or the clip after.
Tip:when you are recording go in a quiet place because some times when you play it back you can here other peoples voices in the background.Russia Boles6/7D

Working In A Group
Tip 105: Don't stress out during the course of the stop-motion so that your movie will be good- Jaime Broitman 6/7C
Tip: A great tip for you and your group is don't talk. We have a lot of time and don't waste a minute. Also another tip is, to make your scene longer go and extend the time on each take it actually works and longer is better. This was a tip that helped my group and will helpfully help yours, good luck. -Joseph Aguilera 6/7A
Tip: Always work together and don't argue so you can finish your project faster. Gypcee Rodriguez 6/7E
Tip: you should figure out what you want to do first and complicate with your group members. its good to have all your supplies before you start. Izabella Mertens 6/7A
Tip: Spend your time wisely. Really think about what you want to do. Work hard and have fun. -Natasha N. 6/7y
Tip: Make sure that you included your partners in the project because if you are absent they would not be able to know what to do. 6/7Y Mariama

Great Tip!- Take your time! Be prepared for mistakes. Sometimes, what you want doesn't happen, but work with what you have. HAVE FUN! -Jordan Reynoso :D

All you have to do is work with your group well. or else you won't get anything done in time. It takes time to take each picture one by one and record the sound effects. It was easier working with my group though. I wasn't alone. At the end, it didn't turn out to be the best video, but it was tollerable.(:
-keiko C. (6/7 W)

????? - Victor Machado 6/7 B

Examples of Stop-Motion (some of these are on YouTube so you can only see them on your home computers because the NYCDOE blocks YouTube.)
The Letter (LEGO)
A Town Called Panic TV
A Town Called Panic (youtube)
A Town Called Panic channel on
How To Make A Mummy (youtube)

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