i like scratch better.alberto v
I like microworlds more then scratch.(Daniel W 6/7V)
I prefer microworlds more then scrach (Sara F 6/7E)

Why??? And what do other students think?
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Scratch Tips and Tricks - Programming Concepts

lap variable

Ms. R. ok i learned a lot about variables because i learned that you could make buttons for example making buttons can be very helpful if you wanna make something about racing for example you could go to a variable and click make a button then type in timer or lap-counter . lap counter counts the time you go around that lap, and timer count how fast you can go on a number of laps . Barry 6/7B

What is Scratch??
nellie F 6/7B

This is a tip if you need help ask some one who finished because they have a more idea o what to do.
when i did this i thought this would take for ever but when i got help it was magnificent after i finished
Mohamed 6/7c

Sometimes if you don't understand what you are supposed to do the best thing you can do is to just give it a try or ask someone for help after you try it out. Lets say if a race car is touching a certain color you want it to go to another place, all you have to do is pick a control and use an if command, then you go to sensing pick touching color_ and you choose the color. I learned if you really try you can usually figure thing out just by experimenting with it.
Katey 6/7B

Creating A Simple Navigation To Move Your Sprite
Program the following keys:
Up Arrow --> move 10 steps
Left Arrow --> Turn 15 degrees left
Right Arrow --> Turn 15 degrees right
(posted by Ms. R)

I like scratch better than Microworlds. It's easier to use and easier to figure out things. Scratch is used with sprites that you can make your own, but Microworlds only uses turtles. I hope we can use scratch next year.
Elvyra 6/7Y

i would like to give a tip to the computer school on variables.i think that variables can be easy to cheat with. For example when you varible is covering a part of the scratch maze then easily you can go over it. i have done this many times. i've done them on other sctarches to prove my thought. you can stop this in many ways. the first way is to make sure that when you put the variable down on something make sure its not going to the goal
Agon 6/7C

It is a good idea to use variables like set maze time to and change time by. The make make your game look more realistic!
Change time by makes your game give more pressure on the person who plays your game so they can see what time they finished
the game and so they can try to break there record. Good idea to use variables!
stefan 6/7c

conditional-if.gif You can use a conditional statement to make your scratch character
do something at a specific time. Damon 6/7C

A hint at variables: you can use them to keep track of levels if you don't know where to use them. -Daniel 6/7 W

If you are making a maze you should make more sprites that can go around your maze and if the user touches them they get more points. i did it on my game and it worked out really nicely. Zoe 6/7 Y

I would perfer if you use variables, so the player can keep track of what is going on. it also makes the game a little bit funner. I used it in my game! Also, i think that Scratch is better than Microworlds because you can do alot more things in scratch than what you can do in Microworlds. Scratch is also much easier. Wilson 6/7 Y

Scratch is a program that allows you to create a sprite and scripts to control it such as broadcasting, etc. If you want you want your sprite to collect an item, use something called a variable It varies numerically and you can name it whatever you like [for example: pebbles; __ lives. in the blanks, goes the variable[any number you decide to write] It changes over time in the game. First, go to VARIABLES in the Scratch window, and drag a variable to your script. Write a varying word [for example: pebbles]. Then go to the [pebbles] sprite and make a script saying that it has received the variable. -Tai 602

The best way to do a scratch project is to relax, pay attention, and deal with the basic blocks for the project.emily 6/7 C

I am going to tell you a tip for variables 1:You should use variables for when you are doing a race, because you can count the time and the laps that you do. Arielle Gonzalez 6/7A