Introducing Our Games

Hey its Michelle my game is about a girl and her race to the end. you have to get threw creatures that will eat you so dont die for this comand it lets you to move your character with your arrow keys. to steer
make "key ascii readchar
if :key = 38 [seth 0]
if :key = 39 [seth 90]
if :key = 40 [seth 180]
if :key = 37 [seth 270]
if :key = 30 [seth 0]
if :key = 29 [seth 90]
if :key = 31 [seth 180]
if :key = 28 [seth 270]
if :key = 32 [
ifelse get "t [clickoff]

HI our names are amber and diana. our game has micheal jackson starring as the evil man who prevents the main charatcer, Jack from getting to his dog, Max.
Our game is a maze with music and characters that talk and prevent you from finishing unless you have a good technique.

Hi my name is Sarah murphy and my game is awesome you should play it because it's like mario brothers!!!!

Yo this is Nol 6/7C my game is a maze and thers 5 hard lvs so good luck

hi this is mo iam going to write about how hard it was to make our game me and my partner had to go throw alot of papers to find the points and damage now peace my dogs.

Wesley- in this game I learned that all for one is not fair. The point of my game is that the dalphin has to eat all the little turtles. By using the controle keys you could move the dalphin around. Also you have to try to catch the turtleswhile they are moveing around.

Hey this is ya gurl dani/ danzy and nazmus/ nazi,
our game is coolness is cold its fffffrrrrreeeezzzzzziiinnn!!! watever but our game is a series of mazes that r
cool and fun u should try it its cool.
here is a command you can use in your game and a suggestion
when your done with your game you can put an image from the tool thing and click control and type in
t1, clickoff nextpage
and then.. make a go button and put inside
to start
GO fd 5
go wait 1

Yo this is Steven S, If your wondering about my game it's great. It's about being a ninja and killing monkeys. There night be a surprise in one on of the monkeys so watch out. No more about me and my game here is a command to help you with your game.

Here how you do a start button
- Make a button in your game
-Then make a command in your command space
Mine says

to start
fd 4
wait 1

hey wats up this is amber!!! 6th grader ms.chu,
o.k i understand the microworlds game n everything like that. but all i gotta say is that try doing ya best and everything other people in my class games are nice they work very hard and eveything like that. in my game i'm doing like a pacman game but my ga,e is called pac man peeps and it's like lil turtles trying to gt threw the maze. so i'm talk to ya later peace!~! and good luck

sup, this is ody. microworlds and the game assignment is awsome! when it is all done, you will be amazed and scream at me and izy's game. you will fall out your seat and wished you never played. GOOD LUCK

Heyy this is Isabelle Z,
we are making a game in microworlds. me and ody are working together on a maze, a small dog has to go through challenges and try to get to the end of the maze. Their will be a suprise at the end. To make the small dog not walk into the maze and bounce of it we had to we write codes like this: to bounce, bk 10, seth random 360.
PEACE isabelle

Hello I am Eli A.
i am creating a game about the Titanic and it could be fun, for my next game i will ask questions about "The simpsons" there will be some questions like this: How long has it been on TV? How many years and what year did it start? What are the main characters and their catch fraises? Who is the creater? which one of my friends family members work with them? Who is my favorite character? Which one can i draw best? and here are some titanic cheats.
RENT THE MOVIE, it can be more simple then, all your answers come from there. interviews, newpaper articles and books.
TTYl (Talk to you later)
TTFN(Ta Ta for now)
if anyone wants to help me with my game then send me a micorworlds message for some advice

Wh@t's up every1 it's TaRyN CoLoN
Hello everyone my game is about a dragon and how he is lost trying to find his home. he needs you to help him find his mom before it is to late. what you have to do is use the joy stick at the bottom of the page. it also involves a 10 levels that do get confusing in the end.
HoPe YoU EnJoY ThE GaMe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hello this is richard b.
i am making a game that involves a turtle trying to go through a
maze without being eaten. there will be other turtles trying to
eat the main turtle. some commands that i am using is fd, bk, rt, lt,
and cc.this experince is really a privalidge.
-richard beverly

Hello this is dino pacilli : )
Well makeing a game was very fun but there is a couple of tips i can give you. one is that some procedures
say "forward" but sometimes that does not work so you need to do fd not forward. Also when you want to do
the steer comand you MUST do it one step at a time beacuse it is a very long and you might make a error so do it slowly and you will be good to go : )

hello i am max m.
microworlds can be fun. sometimes it gets boaring at the beggining.
to make your game you should always have a back up plan.
starting the game can be hard.
if you need help get it from the papers in the front of the room

hey this is nick people!!!!!
whats up?? here r some commands u might need 2 know: st, ht, show pos, setpensize, sec, pu, pd, wait, bk, fd, seth, setpos, seth, setsh, cg, cc, glide, setsize, rt, lt, talkto, everyone [clickon], everyone [clickoff], and everyone [st]!!! =]
-Nick E. =]

Hello it's Jason here to tell you to play and love my game. It's awesome you have to be a big turtle and try to eat the little turtles there's more then one turtle and you get to control the big turtle to help him eat the little turtes. My microworlds experience was very interesting and I hope you enjoy my game as well as the others. Oh the commands are bk,lt,rt, the usual theres also steer.

our game is a bunny maze, the bunny is suppose to escape the maze without any harm from the tornado and try to reach the carrot field
-jessica e.

Hello I am Ariana B.
I am working on a maze. The point of the game is to go to the end of the maze with out being eating. I am working with Richard Beverly. The main character is the turtle that is shaped as a frog. Some of the commands are fd, bk, rt and Lt.

I am working ona game that involves turtles to escape with my partner justin and this thing is crazy the best game ever play it.
Craig Batchelor

ITS LUKAS!!!!!!!!!!! i dont really have anything to say since everyone is basically finished, so ill just show you the basic idea of a quiz procedure shown below ( it is a pokémon quiz): to start_test
setscore 0

announce [ Hey! lets start the quiz!]

question [ so... first of all, what Pokémon am I?]
if answer = "digglet [ setscore 1 + score]

question [ OK! now lets try another, in red and blue version, what is the glitched pokémons name?]
if answer = "missingno [ setscore 1 + score]

question [ OK! what pokémon is from space?]
if answer = "deoxys [ setscore 1 + score]

question [ Ok this is a personal question, what is your favorite Pokémon?]
ifelse answer = "tyranitar
[announce [ Tyranitar is Gangsta!]]
[announce [ that pokémon is bad...]]

question [ Back to the real questions... are the diamond and pearl version graphics 3D or 2D?]
if answer = "3d [ setscore 1 + score]

question [ Where do you get croagunk in diamond and pearl version?]
if answer = "safarigame [ setscore 1 + score]

announce [ Ok now that you are done, times your score by 20 and that will be your percentage.]

announce [ If you wanna be lazy then if you got a 1, you got 20%, if you got a 2, you got 40%, if you got a 3 you got 60%, if you got a 4 you got 80%, and if you got a 5 you got 100%]