How Do I?????

How do I make the turtle move with arrow keys...? Like when you play a computer game, the person moves when you press the arrow keys. I know how to do it in Scratch, but I don't know how here... -Ethan 6/7E (2013)

how do i make a good sun? Lucas Croney 6/7 Y

make a circle, and color it in yellow, to make a circle you type

repeat 360 [rt number fd a number]
hope this helps
Linda 6/7V

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How do I make an announcement box?- Ben 6/7 W
How do you make fence and grass? -Hannah King :-) 6/7 Z

how do i make a triangle go on top of the house??
cassidym 6/7x
repeat 3 [ fd 150 rt 120] Rachel 6/7 x

How do i make a chimney??? -Emilia 6/7W *_*
Actually it depends on where you end your last shape that you did. (Sara 6/7E)
You can use setpos, which sets the position of where you want to start the chimney. Make sure to pu before you setpos, because then it will do a line to where you are moving your turtle to. Then, you can make a sort of incomplete rectangle that eventually touches the house on both ends. I recommend trying everything out in the command center first, so you can make everything perfect. Rebecca 6/7 V

How do i make a regular house?!- Jasmine 6/7 W
Rafael- You just have to put a triangle on top of a house like this, home pd seth -90 repeat 3 [fd 145 rt 360 / 3 ]
seth 180 repeat 4 [fd 145 rt 360 / 4 ].(Rafael.Z 6/7 X)

how can i make a triangle go right ontop of a square? christopher 6/7 V
Rafael-You have to use the command seth before you make the triangle and then after to have the turtle in the correct direction. (Rafael.Z 6/7X)

How do I make a doorknob?
Shafique T. (6/7 D)
You can type in repeat 360 [fd 0.2 rt 1] to draw the doorknob:-) Rakiyah Ferguson 6/7Z. Hope I helped!!!!!!!!!. :-p
how do i make a small square johanna g 6/7V : -

You type repeat 4 [fd 200 lt 90]

the lower the number you put after fd the smaller the square will be -Hannah Krutiansky 6/7 W

How do I make a turtle form a nonagon (a nine sided shape)?
Lena M 6/ 7V R
repeat 9 [fd 100 rt 360 / 9] Rachel C 6/7 X

How do I make a rectangle? -Jada L. 6/7/v :-)
YOU HAVE TO TYPE [FD 100 RT 90 ]-Joshua Guignard 6/7X :]

How do I make a small circle for a doorknob? Yasmin S. 6/7:V

You can type in repeat 360 [fd 0.2 rt 1] to draw the doorknob:-) Rakiyah Ferguson 6/7Z. Hope I helped!!!!!!!!!. :-p

How do I draw a picture with the turtle?-Mariama Camara 6/7V

ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS USE THE PEN DOWN TOOL. YOU WOULD TYPE IN PD - Rakiyah Ferguson 6/7Z. Hope I helped :-p

how do i make a really big square for the house???
Cassidy M 6/X
All you do is write: repeat 4 [fd 300 lt 90]
the higher number you put in front of the "fd" the bigger the square.
Levi O 6/7C

How do you make the turtle move in a circle?
Rosalie R. 6/7 A
Well what i like to do is fd 3 lt 5 forever it goes around in circles. Joi G. 6/7C
pencil tool

In my opinion, the best way is to do repeat 360 [fd 1 rt 1]. To make the circle bigger change the amount it goes forward (fd). Ethan 6/7E (2013)
Also you can repeat 90 [rt 4 fd 5] forever. Latonya S. 6/7w

How can make the line thicker or thinner? Aaron T. 6/7 V
I think how to make it thick or thinner is you press the different circles or sqaures that are different sizes.-Francesca O. 6/7 X
That (^) is incorrect. You do setpensize <number>. Repleace <number> with a number. Ex. setpensize 5 will set the pen size to five.

How can I make my turtle a different color than black?colored-turtles.gif
Dalissa G. 6/7 A

By putting setc and type in a number of your choice and thats it glad I could help :) from bubbles aka Victor 6/7 D

you go to the paint palette and use the pencil tool. Then u choose a color and click on the turtle you want to change! :):):):):):):):)):):):):):)):);0;0 nellie F. 6/7B

How can I make my turtle make a rectangle?!
You have to do multiple commands. For example, fd 100 rt 90 fd 50 rt 90 fd 100 rt 90 fd 50.
Jonathan H. 6/7 x

How do I rotate my turtle?(Nicholas K 6/7B)

Its really easy. you can either do rt (any number) or lt (any number) (Sara F. 6/7E)

Does anyone know how to make the turtle dance, or have the code for "Dance" memorized? It's hard for me D: (Vicky S 6/7E)
How to make the turtle dance is not that hard you just type in its backpack in the rules rt any # lt any # and wait any # also you can mix up the rt's and the lt's and make the turtle dance crazy!!! {Francesca O. 6/7 X}:))))))

how do i make my turtle go back and forth i am clue less {Manuel d. 67 w}
It is very easy you can either use forward {FD} and backward {BK} and use wait within your rules and you can mix up the fd's and bk's and make it go forward and backward, and thats it try and tell me if it works out for you. {Francesca O. 6/7 X} :P

how do i make the turtle do other dance moves? {Troy R! 6/7-W}
Troy All You Have To Do Is Type In Different Numbers!!! DUH{Fatoumata D 6/7V}

How can I make the turtle flip back and fourth? [ Thierno D!! 6/7W ]
just do RT 4 WAIT 1 LT 4 (miles c 6/7 w)

am i able to instead of making the turtle a different color, making it a pattern? cause i know how to make it purple and stuff but i want it to be a pattern and i dunno if i can do thatt. D:::: helpppp meeeeee. Tai 6/7 C
If you want to make this a different color or make it change color every second you can do setopacity random 100- Isabel Etchevarria 6/7D
I think that you click the pattern, click the pen symbol at the top, then click the turtle, I've never tried, but that's what you do for the colors so I should think it will work. -Juliet O. 6/7 Y
You can't make your turtle a pattern, only a different color. -Ella S. 6/7W

How do you know how to make like an octagon for example? I need help!! (Aroob Khan 6/7 Z)
For example you would say like (pd repeat 8 [fd 100 rt 360 / 8] in the command center then it would make an Octagon in like 2 seconds. [Francesca O. 6/7 X]
How do you make an A in microworlds? Help me.(Armani Richardson 6/7E)

How do i draw the windows for the dream house?also how do i put window lines in those windows?(kyana b 6/7Z)
this is the window i used: to window, seth 0, repeat 4 [fd 20 rt 90}. seth 90, fd 10, seth 0, fd 20. seth 180, fd 10,seth 270,fd 20, end claudia 6/7 X
How do I make a fence? [Nicholas K 6/7B]

How do I make a sky , grass and a tree?- Yasmin 6/7:V
How do i make a mail box and a tree??? - Kate 6/7 B

how do I make a tree and a chimney?- Latonya 6/7w

How do I make basic shapes? - Sam 6/7a

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How do I make the line that my turtle makes bigger?! I tried making my turtle bigger but that doesn't work.. Help! -Vicky S. 6/7-A