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What does the student government do?
I am stuck with no idea of what the student government does. Can you tell me?- Ben Myers 6/7 W
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no_spam.pngOn your wiki account you can send mail to people. Its fun to open your wiki and see that your friend has sent you a message. Lately, people have been sending messages to everyone that is apart of the wiki. That means that what ever your writing is sent to EVERYONE that is apart of the CS wiki. This is considered spam mail. It makes your mail harder to load and its annoying to erase. So please, don't spam! -Jenni 6/7X (please go to the SPAM page if you want to comment on this subject)

What is a Wiki anyway???
“Wiki” is an abbreviated version of the full name, wiki-wiki, which translates as “quick” in Hawaiian. Wikis have been around since the mid-1990s and were originally used by software engineers to collaborate on writing software and for other technical tasks. A wiki is a Web site that allows those with access the power to edit or add content, track who made changes, and allow revisions to previous versions if needed.A wiki allows you to write to your friends that you added.(Clara 6/7b)

"Wiki is a place to explore and write interesting things on the blog. By doing that; people will do the same thing as you or differently. This is a place to discover and create or know new ideas that pop up. Meghan B. 6/7X; "Wiki" is a blog where you can write things about the projects we have done in computer class, so when new 6th graders come next year, they can see the tips we put so they can get a better grade. Kelsey H. 6/7 Y; A wiki is where you discuss things school related, online. Vicky 6/7Z; Wiki is where you can express your self with school mates about things that happened in school. (Yvonna R. 6/7 Z) Also wiki can show our after school projects like the robotics class and more!(Jack C.-6/7C) Wikis are like a blog, you can post anything that you want. For example what some of the computer kids are writing on The Computer School's wiki. This is a wiki.(Shannon Maher. 6/7 A)

What's The Difference Between A Wiki and a Blog Anyway?
  • You can edit a post on a wiki, you can't edit another persons (Yvonna R. 6/7Z) post on a blog. (Eliza/Samad 6/7E)
  • The difference is that on a wiki you can start a discussion and make that discussion go beyond, on a blog you can only write stuff on people's walls, or comments, etc. (Shafique T. 6/7 D)
  • I think one of the big differences between a wiki and a blog is blogs are more popular then wiki's. (Rafael Z. 6/7 X)
  • There is a big difference between wiki and a blog. one thing is that on wiki you can edit the page and say things about other peoples comments. also on a blog you can not have a good discussion but on wiki you can. (Khadeedja M. 6/7B). Like Khadeedja said, there is a big difference between a blog and a wiki. On blog you can post your own "personal" stuff. While on a wiki like this website you can change the text anytime you want to as long as you have a wiki account. (Ramon A.-G. 6/7W). The difference between a wiki and a blog is that on a wiki you can give people constructive criticism for their work. On a blog, you just comment on people's pages. (sydni-6/7
  • The difference between a blog and a wiki are that a blog is something that one person updates like everyday and a wiki is almost the same but anyone who joins the wiki can post on it!
    . (Alexa O.- 6/7X) and revise other peoples work, and share your thoughts on the topic. (Jack C.-6/7C) Also we could learn from each others projects (johanna fajardo 6/7X)You can revise other peoples work on a wiki.In a blog you post on everyday.This is a difference between a wiki and a blog.(Maheen Nasir 6/7AB