Dream House 2011
Student Dreamhouse

Description of Project: to make a better house use subprocedures. Make procedures for shapes like squares, circles, and triangles. Use fd,rt, and lt to connect them.
2011 Dreamhouse Projects are being posted here as they are handed in to class Drop Box

-Here is a really good procedure to make the base of your house:
to makebase
pu setpos [-196 -148]
pd fd 250
seth 90 fd 313
seth 180 pd wait 1
fd 250 setpos [-196 -148]
pu setc 135
setpos [226 -62] fill

Another really good tip is to focus on your project a lot during class so you can add extra things like a fence or a sun.
By Jenni 6/7 X
-Take your time and make all procedures
sean cannell 6/7b
-You can use the "setc" command to change your turtle's color, like "setc 56" would make your turtle green.
By: Sophie Millar 6/7C
- This is a procedure to make a cool sun:
to sun
lt 180 fd 200 rt 90 fd 160 setc 44 pd repeat 360 [bk 1 lt 1] rt 90 pu fd 5 fill pd lt 180 fd 38 repeat 360 [lt 180 fd 38 rt 90 lt 1 fd 1 rt 90 fd 38] rt 180 fd 150 fill

by bennet 6/7X

-Hi, I just wanted to tell everyone a problem that I have and for them to look out for. I often misspell the word setpos and I also often forget to put the word t or n into my words. So I just wanted to give you a warning.
-Ben M. 6/7W

Here are a couple of things to think about

-Why Should We Use Procedures?

Procedures make it easier to use subprocedures. You need so many subprocedures, but like the house procedure you only need one.
-Sophie Millar 6/7C

Procedures are kind of a what to-do list for the turtle and you can test them out piece by piece to find what will happen
-Jaime B 6/7D

-What Are Subprocedures and How Are They Used?

Subprocedures are procedures placed inside other procedures. For example, in a House procedure, inside of it are the procedures to build a roof, chimney, the actual house, etc. The subprocedures are all other regular procedures that are used to build other things (like windows and doors) and are placed inside the House procedure to come together and create one big house. Using subprocedures is easy and keeps your procedures looking more organized than if you had to list ALL of your commands from EVERY procedure.
-Gjystina 6/7 C

-This is a procedure to make a normal tree

to tree
setpensize 1
setc 65
pu setpos [-45 -202]
seth 0
pd repeat 1 [fd 200 rt 90 fd 50 rt 90 fd 200 rt 90 fd 50]
pu setpos [-19 -143]
pd fill

to leaf

setpensize 1
setc 65
pu setpos [-20 -3]
pd repeat 360 [rt 1 fd 1]
pu setpos [43 -1]
pd fill
-Ariella Ibroci 6/7C

Here's a procedure to make a window:

to window
pd repeat 4[fd 40 rt 90]
-Gunner Park 6/7C