How To Comment on Class Blogs

How do we decide who can comment and who can’t?blog-commenting2-300x244.png

  • Only the school should be able to comment
  • If the public comments and the comments are bad, people in and outside the school will start to lose respect for the school.
  • If you want to post a comment and you are not part of the school, you may send it to the admins (Ms. Rudzitis) to be approved.

By: Naadirah<(*_*)> , Celine, Elka & Charlotte L. 6/7 E

How do we decide who can comment and who can't

- It would be great to use the theme in comments but you don’t have to.
- You could help other people learn about the theme and how to use it in projects.

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You can try to reflect on work about the theme for upcoming
- It would portfolios.
- You could use the theme online get ideas for helping our environment and get other peoples’ ideas.
You can get people from other schools to get a deeper image of what the theme means

By: Hayley, Tehja, Miguel and Raymond 6/7E

Teacher Expectations for Commenting

You should Pay attention before you write
Think before you write
Maintain your high standards
it is below school standard to write silly comment
It make the whole school look bad when you write silly comment
think before you write a comment

So think the next time you write a comment!!!!

By:Fatoumata,Job,Jaime,Caleb. Class :6/7 D

What Makes A Good Comment?

-Writing comments relating to the post
-Don't write comments that might seem hurtful
-Be kind and consider the authors post
-Write a comment that connects with your life and the post
-If the post is a question, then answer it
-Put meaningful information
-Do not reveal personal information

What is a Good Comment?

Here are some tips on how to make a good comment:
-Write something nice to the author
-Don't write something that will make the author feel bad
-Be sure that you write something related to the post
-If you don't have something to say, don't say anything at ALL!!!

Anthony, Brandon, Nina, Sara 6/7B

The Importance of Accurate Contributions to Class Wikis