About Our Wikis at The Computer School

How to make an account on our wiki. First you must click on make an account. When you make a user name you have
to write firstnamelastnameinitial_cs. When you enter your account you automatically go to your account. You can check other people's posts and comments. By AriellaI_cs 6/7C
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Wikis are web pages that contain information in the form of a post that are created by a user. The readers, if logged in with an account, are able to edit and comment upon the posts that were created earlier, as well as prior comments to a post.
By JamesR_cs

Wikis are a great way to express yourself and a wonderful alternative to a blog. They are a place where you may say whatever tou want. You can tell a person just how much homework you had.
By Jamesn_cs

The wiki is a great place to connect more with your friends but dont send unnecesary things because it gets people really angry! By Oliviaf_cs

If you send mail note that its not private and can be seen by everyone. Don't write something bad about a person because they can see it! By dylang_cs

Negative behavior on the wiki makes people feel uncomfortable, awkward, and bad! -Jessie, Katie, Chirstine, and Tiffany(6/7y)
Wikis are a great way to communicate with other students about homework and school events. By Gunnerp_cs
Wikis get kids to have fun and agree and disagree with other peoples posts
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